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    Dear friends! I draw your attention that our project is dedicated to fairy tales! If you still do not know the difference between folk and literary fairy tale, you need to study this article.

    Folk tale (or folklore) - a work of collective creativity. In other words, the author of such tales - the whole nation. Folk tale created centuries. History of its folk tales are of great antiquity. In many folk tales recorded even features Paleolithic and Neolithic culture!

    When you pick up a book of fairy tales note: folktales and signed - "people", such as "Russian folk tales." They will never mention a specific author. Most of the tales analyzed in the project - the people, for example, "Nesmeyana Princess," "The Frog Princess," "Geese-swans", "Kroshechka - Havroshechka."

    Literary fairy tale - this is a work of art, which is written by one author-writer. They, of course, created much later. Sacred places are new here either, found by the author as part of his overall artistic design or will be borrowed from the traditional, sacred places appropriate fairy tale, but the author will pereosmyslny.

    If you are holding a literary fairy tale, it certainly is signed, such as Hans Christian Andersen, "The Ugly Duckling". Literary fairy tales - a phenomenon much later than folk tales. In the project there are several cards copyright tales, for example, card "Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights" AS Pushkin's "The Black Hen or underground inhabitants" VF Odoevskogo "The Snow Queen" GH Andersen, "The Wizard of Oz" A.Volkov. On the question of whether to save the data profiles in the project, I will respond positively, because they show how writers use the story of a fairy tale and techniques to create their works, but the specific topoi and unfolding events they will differ from those that we see on maps folk tales. Thus, we have a good guidance for teachers of literature. However, once again emphasizes the fact that the primary objective of the project is to identify sacred sites described it in folk tales.

    And another term with which you must discover "a folk tale in literary processing." Folktales originally existed in oral form: they were told not to read. However, to tales preserved and not forgotten, linguists and folklorists recorded them. Writing, linguists and folklorists, corrected text of the story - cleaned harsh words, speech errors etc. It was these records are called folk tales in literary processing. These tales are, for example, "Grimm's Fairy Tales" in Germany. Folk tales in literary processing suitable for our study.

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