1. Необычные места гнездования птиц

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    Birdwatching - BirdWatching - became fad people in many countries of the world and, at the same time, a powerful scientific factor: participants of this movement (in Russian - sports ornithologists), sparing no effort, time and money are worn all over the planet, track down, identify and all pictures, including rare birds. Their data are scientific domain. Between us - these cranks - there is continuous competition: who is more nasnimat (or, at least, sees) birds. - Especially rare. Most participants in this sport - amateurs. But, as explained to us the great President of the Club sports ornithologists "Birds and People" VO Avdanin professional ornithologist differs from the non-professional (ie, amateur) but that gets paid for what he likes. And many fans of professionalism is higher than some professionals.

    And, more recently, in sports ornithologists a new hobby: there is an unusual nesting sites. And what is considered unusual? The point, in my opinion, subjective. For example, Ogar - excavation duck - usually nest in niches not only rocks, but more often - in burrows different steppe animals (foxes, badgers). Is it - is not that unusual? In Moscow Ogar nest in shelters on the roofs of tall buildings. Some invaders, usually nesting in trees, build nests on the walls, and then - on the wooden houses. White wagtails sometimes successfully nest in tractors, and working! Peregrine falcons nest in Moscow on three Stalin skyscrapers (until 1957 nested on all seven). And in the wild mountainous areas - on the rocks. But unless Moscow State University building - not rock? Usual or unusual? Robins, usually nest in shallow shelters near the ground or on the ground (in old stumps, on the slopes of ravines or pits, and even on the sides of the automotive gauge) in the forest. A unusual - in our homes, even the stone city (for example, in the hollows under balconies or windowsills ... Raven, White storks and some daytime predators use to build nests pylons. Some believe that it has become usual. Some small birds (especially - Sparrows) often nest in the thick walls of prey nests. Great tits and blue tits are increasingly make their nests in concrete lampposts (usually - in the holes, which include wire).

    • Where is the search for these most unusual places? Everywhere! Everyone drew our project, we recommend looking around the clear blue eyes (even if they are - black, brown, blue, green or red!) And photograph as much as possible! All that just shows you unusual. We agree! Send as many profiles!
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