1. Приметы весны: поёт большая синица

    The first data on singing tits in other cities.

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    In the analysis of questionnaires to start I check the air temperature and wind direction and force online gismeteo. I therefore rely on hard data about singing tits in Izhevsk, because in the questionnaire of 10 February Specified -20 ° C and gismeteo yields for the same day, -10 ° C, wind direction south, not east, as in the questionnaire, ice not noted Set Snow.

    By the end of the study we will be able to get comments from experts phenology, but now look carefully filled questionnaires from Volgograd and Tambov. Southern tits behind the Muscovites for two days, sang February 8 and the middle wedged Tambov announces start singing on February 11. Most participants Kazan report that tits are silent, so wait until the specifications member dil.ahmetova

    And hearing from all the new posts and profiles!

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