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    Dear participants of the project! Today we will remember that this embroidery. Of course, this is one of the most popular and common types of needlework. Modern masters perform a masterpiece of work! This ribbons and embroidery and beadwork, embroidery and mixed media. Well, there is no limit to perfection. So:

    Embroidery, a widespread form of decorative art in which the pattern and the image manually (with a needle, sometimes hook) or by embroidery machines in various tissues, skin, felt and other materials of linen, cotton, wool, silk (most color) yarns, as well as the hair, beads, pearls, precious stones, sequins, coins and so on. n. embroidered appliques (a type of embroidery, often with raised seam) used fabric, fur, felt, leather. Embroidery is used to decorate clothing, household items, to create independent decorative panels.

    • Infinitely varied types of joints:
      • for the "blind" embroidery, that is, whole cloth, characterized by cross surface, set painting, vestibule, etc .;
      • for the "line" that is, the embroidery on the fabric with a pre-cut or pulled off on its separate areas threads, openwork "pens", flooring, lace, etc.

    Used individually and in various combinations with each other, they allow the creation of entirely flat embroidery to convex contour of the lightest or openwork net ("lacy") to "carpet" tightly harboring the entire surface of the article.

    Drawing with geometric shapes is performed mainly countable embroidery (countdown threads cloth), and a curved design - "free" embroidery (in advance Allocated circuit).

    • The main means of expression embroidery as an art form:
      • revealing the aesthetic properties of the material (the iridescent sheen of silk, smooth flicker flax glow of gold, sequins, stones, and a haze of fluffy fur and so on. d.);
      • use properties of lines and patches of color embroidery pattern is further affected rhythmically precise or whimsically-free play of joints;
      • the effects derived from the combination of pattern and image background (cloth or other basis), close or embroidery contrast in texture and color.
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