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    The first results: we have 25!

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    Friends, I want to share the first results of the project. To date, almost full number line first dozen. Not enough product on the number "5" and "9". In the second ten, unfortunately, we still have only the number "12" and "17". Also there is a work with the numbers "39", "40", "451" and "1000". I note that while the popularity leading number "7" is slightly inferior to "3". I would like to see a variety of products, and other figures. The most popular product of "12 months". During the project participants from 7 31 profiles written about him. Perhaps this was due to the picture, so I decided to change it. I would certainly like to have different works. So it will be interesting to see what attracts the author of a particular number. If you have any opinions, suggestions or recommendations, write. Let's discuss together!

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