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    The most ancient, have survived without the watch dial dated 1386 and still continue to work. They are in English cathedral in 1956 Solsberi.V them restored. By the time they have for 498 years regularly served townspeople.

    The most accurate mechanical watch in the world made for the town hall in Copenhagen in December 1955 and was called "Olsen". Their production took more than 14,000 parts and 10 years. They operate at 570 thousands of different modes. This mechanism is the slowest in the world. Error of its stroke - half a second for 300 years.

    The oldest known pendulum clock from the former Soviet Union are on the Farne church building in Grodno (first they were placed in the tower of the town hall, then Jesuit College, and later - at the Belfry church Francis Xavier). Presumably, they are made at the beginning of the XVII century and older ones that adorn London Big Ben. In their mechanism used lever escapement London watchmaker Clement and nesekundny pendulum. The clock provided by the force of gravity - the stone weighing 60 kg. Rotate the crank shaft hours, the stone falls from a height of 15 meters for 36 hours. Clock located at a height of 10-storey building, to make them must overcome 132 steps.

    The world's largest street clock recently installed in Tehran. Their diameter dial is 15 meters and the length of the minute hand - seven and a half meters. Total weight - 750 pounds. Created by local experts clockwork unique and designed for all weather conditions. At its creation took two years. Accuracy of the record-breaking hours does not exceed one hundredth of a second per year.

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