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    About Bears (V. Bobrov "Russian folk tales about animals", 1909)

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    "In the West, the bear is a close relative of the king-lion. Ya.Grimm ascribes to him the royal dignity even original: Brown bear in favor of the court prepared plot to dethrone the lion. Chronicle In the German VII-century Fredegera (Grimm, Rainhart Fuchs , 1834) performs a native king-bear.

    In our [Russian] tales bear does not play such an important role: it is not particularly characteristic properties; exceptional feature of his clumsiness. A few tales ("Fox-sister and the wolf", "fox-placheya", "Man, bear and fox", "Snegurushka and fox", "Gingerbread") bear takes part on an equal basis with the wolf and fox. <...> Type our very vaguely outlined bear: bear almost no different from the wolf: they both are called "Biryukov." Wolf and bear are often used interchangeably. For example, it is found in fairy tales: "Man, bear and fox," "Bear, a dog and a cat." But bear much unhappier wolf; all its haunting failure <...> Our bear is alien also sostadanie (see fairy tale "The Bear, the dog and cat"). "

    Vladimir Bobrov, "Russian folk tales about animals," 1909, pp. 101-107.

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