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    Russian Children's Film Academy "KINOOSTROV"

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    Russian Children's Film Academy "KINOOSTROV"

    The main purpose of the Academy Award "KINOOSTROV" is to help the younger generation in shaping the creative world, raising interest in making films (fiction, animation, documentary), focused on children and youth audience, as well as to introduce children and youth to cinematography.

    Academy tasks:
    • involving children in making films, revealing and promoting universal values;
    • the establishment and development of relations between children from different regions of Russia;
    • familiarity with the professionals of national cinema;
    • exchange of experiences and increase the overall professionalism of the participants;
    • education of morality, patriotism and citizenship participants

    The school teaches children from 5 to 18 years.
    Film School "Kinoostrov" - is
    Classes in directing, camera work, makeup, stunts, drama, acting, stage speech and movement!
    Master classes from leading Russian filmmakers.
    Unique holidays, festivals in Russia and in Europe.
    Making movies.
    Named to the most extensive database of children acting Russian Federation.
    Shooting in films, television series, commercials and music videos.
    Friendly atmosphere and a team of associates.

    This group is for anyone who loves movies and loves children (or he is a child). And still believes that every child is a great talent and he has something to tell the world ... by kinematorafa.
    All children who dream to star in a movie or shoot a movie, invite to go on a fascinating journey into the world of children's movies with Academy Award "Kinoostrov"!

    our contacts: 922-03-63
    89111019007 - Anna
    Site kinoideti.ru
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