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    Photographing birds

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    Shows processing profiles, causes great difficulty photographing birds. Today I will try to explain how to do it better.

    1. If you purposefully go to "photoshoot" for the birds, try to dress softly, and most importantly, wear comfortable shoes on a soft and flexible soles. This will allow you not to create unnecessary noise, picking up the bird closer.

    2. Photographing birds can not only professional photographic equipment, but also a simple camera, "soap box" and even a camera phone. The most important thing - that he was in your hand at the right moment. So, you're interested in seeing from afar a bird immediately reach for your device and keep it ready to be able to take a picture as soon as approx.

    3. Easiest to photograph birds that are not afraid of people and almost always keep away to his pigeons, sparrows, wagtails, jackdaws. Pretty easy to remove urban waterfowl - ducks, gulls, swans - especially if their food lure (fit just shortbread and white bread). If you do not have the skill photographing birds, it is best to begin with these species.

    4. To get close to the bird as close as possible, move slowly, avoiding sudden movements, and freeze in place when she alerted. Remember that at any moment she might be scared and fly away, so it's best to do one or two shots from a distance before continuing attempts to come closer and take a picture of her close-up.

    5. More secretive birds living in parks, forests, copses, it's best to photograph from an ambush. Find a place where a lot of birds in particular, and select nearby bush or hollow, where you can get comfortable with the camera and watch for a while, taking a picture every time the lens gets interesting bird. Such photography requires patience, so it is necessary to sit for a long time, preferably without moving. For the same reason it is necessary to prepare in advance: in the cold season to dress warmly, and in summer stock up on mosquito repellant. But the result is worth it.

    6. Finally. In no case do not take pictures of birds nests, and young fledglings who have not yet learned how to really fly. Pushing the grass and branches to better see them, and just long lingering nearby, you discover their whereabouts to predators. No frame, even the most successful, do not ruined the bird life.

    So, lucky you photos!

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