1. Living Fairytales: Kind or Unkind

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    All the stories of the world can be divided into several varieties, that is to classify them on the specifics of the plot and composition, as well as images of the characters and functions of items that are found in the fairy tale. So Vladimir Propp - authoritative Russian scientist folklore - in his fundamental work "The morphology of the fairy tale" has identified the following types: 1) fairy tales (adventure story, magical characters and objects), 2) the cumulative (in the plot occurs repetition of an action hero for example, in the Russian cumulative tale "Repka" heroes repeatedly taken to pull the turnip, but all can not: the action continues as long as the tractor does not attach to the little mouse) 3) tales about animals, plants, inanimate nature and objects 4) Household (tales of everyday situations of people: deceit, treachery, cunning) 5) fiction, 6) tiresome tales (in such small tale constantly repeats the same piece of text can be repeated ad infinitum: "I tell you a story about a white goby? - Say. - Tell me, yes I would say yes if you say megillah? - Well, tell me. - You say yes I say yes then you will be, how long it will be! I tell you megillah? .. "). Here such here classification leads renowned folklorist. However, the best known of this list, only three species of fairy tale genre: fairy tale, consumer and animal. Only their children and studying in ordinary schools !
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