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    Why consider a sly fox?

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    One member of our project inspired me to my question (which passed in the subject of the article) to search for the answer!

    Indeed, why fox in many tales of the world appears tricky dodgy cheat! I found the answer to an interesting site about animals. See what the author writes a small note:

    "In all folktales red fox has consistently demonstrated the wonders of resourcefulness and ingenuity, for which he was given a permanent epithet -" cheat. "It turns out that fairy tales are not far removed from real life: the fox and in fact very tricky and the smartest animal. She easily capable leave the chase, leaving his pursuers in disbelief and confusion. Moreover, the fox is able to trace and shoot down confused hunting dogs confused (she seemed to be "twists" their traces with traces of dogs and foxes and other forest dwellers), so it also knows all manholes, of which there are backdoors. hunters hunted foxes in a shelter, already rubbing their hands in anticipation of a good production, but cheats have long gone. Fleeing from hunters, foxes almost never run out into the open, knowing full well that there will be up to them very easy to get to. "

    Now, that's all people in all corners of the world have noticed the unusual quality of the fox!

    Note is taken from this website .

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