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    Problems in chemistry on the basis of the project

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    Dear participants of the project! I invite you to solve problems in chemistry, which are based on the materials of the project. Terms of tasks can offer their copyrights (specify it), taken from the Internet (a link to the source) or from published sources - books, magazine (a link to the source).

    I propose to solve the problem:

    1) In 1904, the Russian military doctor Filonchikov put into practice the 5% alcoholic solution of iodine for the treatment of wounds. What weight crystalline iodine and alcohol which volume (density 0.8 g / ml) should be used to prepare 250 g of this solution?

    2) Ammonia (10% solution of ammonia - NH 3) is used in surgical practice for the treatment of Hand Surgery. To this end, 25 ml of ammonia (density 0.96 g / ml) dissolved in 5 liters of warm water boiled. What is the mass fraction of ammonia in the resulting solution?

    Kind regards. Elena.

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