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    Please note, dear members! Like any fairy tale differs from a conventional narrative special song! We all remember from childhood, as froze at the words any of the adults: "Once upon a time" or "In a certain kingdom, in some states," ... Such a typical onset in literary fairy tales called "intonation" and is one of the elements of composition . After intonation may follow different versions of the story tales. But many of these options are similar to each other. For example, in many Russian fairy tales after such intonation is described getting a hero (hero) in a situation of danger (often due to violation of the prohibition), the release of a dangerous situation with the help of other characters (the wonderful helpers), followed by the ending of a fairy tale: "They began live happily ever after, but good ever after. " Endings are also often resemble each other and are a typical element of the composition of fairy tales: "And I was there, honey-beer drinking, mustache flowed into the mouth is not horrible," "Here and fairy tale ending, and who listened well done" etc . The style of the language of fairy tales, too different from the style of the narrative in the usual stories. So in Russian folk tales often found obsolete words (hope, a tower, that, etc.), historicism, inversion, constant epithets snaps forest, fair maiden, the living water, good fellow - and repeat: There once was, ehali- drove, walked, walked. Here are some of the many original features of fairy tales!
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