1. Городские легенды

    Ancient legends

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    Over a very long time when epics were prophetic, magical birds remain on our soil the memory of one of the great feats of the heroes of Russia, - Alyosha Popovich-. Freed hero of the river Saratovka Polona (and even the name of this river Uraslavoy, ie Russian) his native sister. This place and this hour noted song of the lark, the song of the nightingale, song Russian man. Come, good people, on the river bank of Saratov, Saratov, expand fur accordion. Bells shore awake, yes Russian songs heard. Fly through the sky on a horse hero on a white horse in the gray dapple. And in the saddle in front of him - the soul-virgin daughter of a peasant. From dawn dawn yes white light stands, from dawn to dusk nightlights circles. And always something together in memory epic riverside Saratov cute brother and sister. Will not happen over desecration - Polonius Fiend not end in our land glorious song.

    Saratov steppe during the time of the Horde, enlightened people called Polovtsian very poetically - "Country of apple." Here, in the desert, there were apple forests that survived for millennia, but fell under the "iron heel" of capitalist progress. Apple Sirt, ie river watershed - the eternal monument of the ancient culture of the wonderful fruit tree and at the same time not less ancient, who left a deep mark on the lives of our people and culture of Apollo, god grant me-.

    The apple Syrty in 1833 made his journey AS-study Pushkin. On the trail of disturbance, dubbed the Pugachev rebellion, the great poet of the historic, then left to visit the land where it began and ended shock foundations of Russian life of the late 18th century. It is no coincidence whole chapter "History of the Pugachev rebellion" AS Pushkin Saratov assigned materials. As an eyewitness, Pushkin reports that Sokolovaya mountain dominates the city of Saratov.

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