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    Storm warning. What to do?

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    Storm Warning - this information about hazardous weather conditions, which were not foreseen the weather forecast, as well as clarification of the time of their occurrence, intensity and duration.

    Bad weather may be different degrees of risk. Adverse conditions along thunderstorms are strong wind gusts from 15 to 24 m / s, heavy rain, hail diameter of 19 mm, heat above 30 ° C, frost -30 ... -39 ° C, sleet, freezing rain, and some other weather conditions .

    Most often, when the transfer of a storm warning warns of adverse events.

    What should be done with the storm warning?

    When you declare a storm warning is necessary to carry out instructions MOE, traffic police and other officials when they were announced.

    In the case of approximation of a strong hurricane winds, rain, thunder, and so on. N. Need to take precautions.


    • tightly close doors and windows;
    • check valve on the windows, so they are not opened;
    • pasted on the glass crosswise strips of adhesive tape;
    • zadёrnut curtains;
    • during a hurricane is not fit to the windows;
    • remove from the balconies of the things that can blow the wind;
    • stock up on candles, flashlights and batteries in case of breakage of wires and power outages;
    • stock up on water in case of disabling it;
    • prepare a first aid kit;
    • prepare radio on batteries;
    • not to overload the grid: do not start at the same time a large number of electrical appliances;
    • do not leave the house.

    On the street:

    • go to the nearest building, go down into the underpass, or hide under the bridge; in a pinch, you can go into the pit, or any depression;
    • do not come close to trees, poles, billboards and other objects that might fall from the wind;
    • do not touch the broken wires;
    • Do not park the car next to trees, poles, pillars and billboards;
    • if during a storm, you were in the car, stop, but do not leave the vehicle;
    • do not swim with the storm warning or thunderstorm.

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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