1. Приметы весны: цветёт мать-и-мачеха

    Mother and stepmother in the week of the March Freeze

    Dear friends!

    Project of flowering mother and stepmother is popular not only among participants Freeze Frame, but also for all fans to watch the nature. Therefore, it is difficult to judge what the results of the project appeared on the map due to the general stop-frame, and which - thanks to individual nelenivyh and curious observers.

    Nevertheless, during the week of March 16 until March 30, we see several points blooming mother and stepmother on the map.

    The easternmost mother and stepmother of the Omsk region, the most northerly - from the Arkhangelsk region and flourished in the snow. The westernmost profile - mother and stepmother foreigner, flourished in the Vitebsk region of Belarus. But with most southern questionnaires from the Astrakhan region has turned strange.

    In the group "Researchers nature of the world" could not find a blossoming mother and stepmother, and even suggested that in Astrakhan it is not found. Therefore, the questionnaire in the project about the flowering mother and stepmother, they filled a tulip Bieberstein. This is certainly a very interesting plant, but it is much more appropriate it would be in the project "Spring has come, the flowers blossomed," or in the project "Caution! Primroses ". Participants of the group "Ekoznayka" from the Astrakhan region were more fortunate, they found the mother and stepmother, completed the questionnaire and confirmed the spread of this weed in the Astrakhan region.

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