1. Наши ножки бежали по дорожке

    Why stop is flat, and how it can be corrected?

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    The bones of the foot form healthy construction, which is called a set and is shaped like an arch: the land apply only to the heel, toes, fingers and pad in front of a narrow strip of the outer edge of the sole. Mid sole and its inner edge of the earth do not touch. When flatfoot entire sole lying on the ground. It would seem a trifle! But at long walking person experiences severe pain. The fact that the space under the arch is filled with fatty tissue, through which the blood vessels, nerves, and tendons of the fingers. Flatfoot constantly puts pressure on them when walking, and pain appears.

    Why stop is flat? And how can I fix it? I propose to discuss these issues together! Dear participants of the project, express their suggestions in the comments. I recommend you to refer to the information resources of the Internet. But remember, please, that before the use of the information necessary to verify its authenticity (the project "Information Security" ). When recording in the comments, please indicate why you practice a particular opinion. Why do you trust the information you used?

    So, the question: "Why stop is flat, and how to fix it?"

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