1. «Птица года – 2016»: наш выбор!

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    Dear GlobalLabovtsy!

    We invite you to take part in election debates and debates!

    The leader of the race in the previous year according to the participants of the project was blue, but Redstart was named as a candidate only in the discussion, the questionnaire with her candidacy was not filled. Our active participant Irina Mole, which filled seven profiles, was one step away from victory with his forecast! Undoubtedly, Irina Mole is the leader of the project -2014. We are very grateful to her for an interesting, detailed, high-quality completed questionnaires and look forward to its continued active attention to the project.

    Also, we hope not only to GlobalLabovtsev interest in the project, but also on their active part and a real help in the protection of birds and nature in general!

    I wonder who will pass the baton redstart?

    Whose choice of poultry year coincides with the choice of Russian Bird Conservation Union?

    What activities we support titled birds and those who are particularly in need of care rights?

    The choice is ours!

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