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    "Angel" HK Andersen (fairy tale analysis student grade 5 Anastasia Popova)

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    Young researcher tales - pupil grade 5 Anastasia Popova - wrote an interesting report analyzing the amazing, beautiful and good story H.K.Andersena "Angel." You can get acquainted with the tale on the page "Results" of our project. This tale placed 8th grade student Alexander. He hesitated, to what type (magic, home, animals) to relate this story. After reading excerpts from the work of Anastasia, you'll find that most likely this tale does not fall under the same category. It is a religious and philosophical understanding of the complex and ambiguous structure of our world, which is dressed in the form of a beautiful Andersen fairy tale.


    Anastasia Popova. Analysis tales "Angel" HK Andersen (excerpts).

    Angel and child. What is their proximity and the difference between these concepts?

    Image of a Child was born in ancient cultures along with the myths of the Mother, the Father, of the World Tree, the creation of the world. Child, a good child found in folklore and literature. Such a child and we see great storyteller HC Andersen. Central hero tales HC Andersen is a child, whose main task - to make unusual, that is a miracle.
    In the Yule fairy tale "The Little Match Girl", for example, Andersen bows his head before the baby and trying to save the family by selling matches. She dies tragically, freezing the wall of a house. Surrounding sympathize, but no one knows what is before the girl opened a wonderful heavenly world - the world of angels, who take the baby with you. This fabulous world contrasted life fed and complacent citizens.
    The poor girl is not like the others, because its soul is pure and without blemish, like an angel. The fate of the baby makes me, as any reader to think about why there are rich and poor, and those deemed angels such tests, which only by adults. All the favorite characters - children strong in spirit, because it helps in difficult times God.
    My favorite heroine Gerda against troops of the Snow Queen helped appeal to God in prayer, "Our Father." How I rejoiced when the angels appeared, which "took snow monsters on a spear, and they scattered into many snowflakes." After evening prayers violent winds calming, "like falling asleep."
    The child, according to the writer, is a miracle. He becomes a holy being who worships the same child - the reader. The book is about children and for children also becomes holy. At the end of a fairy tale about a girl tests by gently warns: "If you become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Just to open the kingdom of heaven, who all his life to be faithful to God, love for all living things, save the sincerity and spontaneity.
    Child Andersen tales becomes extraordinary, he does not make any miracles, but any good deed becomes great. Boy - invalid in a fairy tale "Angel", suffering from a serious illness, finds happiness in caring for the poor field floret, suffering, "floods, cares, cares about him," and in my eyes becomes strong and powerful. So I'm not surprised when I see it "glorious happy face", it's the angel's face, and the storyteller believes that children see things that adults can not see.
    Who is this angel? After all, he is our patron for life. We should know his face.
    According to Mr. Dahl, "angel - a spiritual being endowed with reason and will, a guardian angel that was set by the Lord to man to protect him. Angel in the flesh, called in this life not only gentle man, good lives, but in general they love, caress. " If an angel - a spiritual being, he hovers above the ground. This helps him wings. About the author recalls them twice: at the beginning and end of the story. These wings, in my opinion, make it powerful, and strong, he endows them by God for all kinds of good deeds. We girlfriend differently represent the angel she has angel wings blue and white-winged my savior. I think that the white wings connected with the notion of purity and holiness.
    I have the same mom and dad are called angels because they love me. And I try not to upset them, but good. That is why we are happy.
    Characteristic features of Andersen's fairy tales let me summarize my humble reading experience and look at the fancy fairy tale "Angel" through the prism of my experience, which is different from my opinions about her mother and grandmother.
    Grandmother with her constant care of grandchildren perceived to heart the fate of the main characters and shared this experience with me. Her shocked fate of the dead child, that, in her opinion, unexpected and unusual for a fairy tale.
    Mom believes that presentation of Andersen world and the universe coincides with mine, because I explain how a fairy tale dream of light, a perfect world, and its heroes - the ideal writer. Mother herself takes a "middle ground" between my grandmother and opinion. Let each of us maintains its point of view, but I noticed that this home reading and discussion helps us to more deeply realize the tale, her features.
    After exploring the opinion of critics and family discussions dwell on that angels - it's still the celestials and associated with the name of Jesus Christ, they are God's messengers and perform a specific task on earth save the earth child, his pure soul, emphasizing its value and significance.

    Angels and earthly children in a fairy tale.

    The attentive reader will agree with me that the "angels" are mentioned three boys, three characters: two of them are involved in the development of events, and the third son of a neighbor, an angel appears in flashback in passing, as the face of the earth episodic events of last year, when the angel was normal child. I was most striking in the absence of adult fairy tale, performing the role of educators. Children in the tale not require care, because they are a model of cleanliness and purity.
    For some reason I thought that the tale "Angel" like a dream. Before my eyes, as in a dream, flash picture of the city that sleeps. In the sleepy human consciousness actions occur one after another. The tale itself has so many verbs and their forms. Nobody hears conversations between children.
    They understand each other perfectly. Only once did the angel have to explain to the kid why they linger on the ground after collecting a bouquet of flowers.
    Life history of the earth boy who became an angel, an angel tells himself, but not for the purpose of self-admiration. He is laconic and did not immediately announce the cause of his journey along the narrow street where "on the pavement littered with straw, ash and trash": he needs to take with him during his life and beloved dead now wildflower, for whom he cared, being terminally ill.
    This story is the culmination of a fairy tale, "Angel." It explains the reason for the appearance of an angel on earth: he not only sent by the Lord for the good kids, but wants to take a dried wild flower, delivery boy with a disability happiness in earthly life, his former "earthly treasure" who "gave more joy than the most beautiful Flower Queen. "
    Sketches for this child's life hiding martyr fate doomed to death, although the two concepts - the death of a child - are incompatible. His whole being, th e human qualities were directed to earthly existence: he sat down to the sun, dreaming about the walk, mentally tolerated under green beeches, where, according to a neighbor's child, singing birds. The boy could not find his place in life: "He had a light hand." The whole year was all forgotten flower, withered, dried up and was thrown out on the street with the other trash. Striking fact that the boy-angel remembers him and a year later takes him to the sky.
    Attitude to flower exemplifies kid, followed by an angel sent by God. No wonder the kid asks the angel, where he knows about the flower.
    About what the baby itself can be judged by one of his phrase: "Poor bush! Take it, that it may bloom there, dear God. " Here, and his piety, and tenderness and kindness and tenderness. And the fact that many children Narwhal lush flowers, but "apart from them and took a modest and unpretentious Buddle pansy" demonstrates children generosity, selflessness, spiritual harmony and beauty.
    In earthly life is one child - a son, a neighbor who brought the patient in the spring, "the first full-blown beech twig." The behavior of this child also deserves attention. After all, he sympathizes and helps a sick child, talking about nature and bringing him flowers and beech twigs.
    Angels possess the knowledge and purity, far exceeding our thinking. This boy has a purity - crippled by the will of the Lord who became an angel. However, two other characters: the dead child and neighbor's son - worthy of the title of the Divine Child, bearing noble mission on earth.
    These three characters are regarded with respect, as they prefer the natural world the world of greed and selfishness. Children do not need anything, moreover, grew up to be near at least one flower
    The author warns me as a reader that it is a child converter world that he was the future that he is almighty and wise. In its power and purity of the soul is not inferior child earth angel, but this power is not in his power over others, and kind to others, the ability to create an environment around him harmony and happiness.


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