1. From Japan to You: Haiku from Around the World

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    Russian Ice Kigo

    Thus, users and Yana Zorina Tatyana prepared a list of Russian Kigo for March. Now we will try to compose a haiku with them?

    Recalls the rule: do not necessarily comply strictly with 17 syllables, divided into 5-7-5, but it is desirable to strive for this ideal, then the verse is "muscular" and capacious. And remember the two-part structure of haiku, do not introduce a third semantic center. Let's go!

    Kigo list:

    Thaw, a branch of mimosa, oatmeal (bird), wagtail, drops, icicle, drain, spring creek, melting snow, the equinox, the sun, whitecaps willows carnival. Lent, March 8, the husband in the kitchen, "singing" cats, wet kidney, weeping birch, solar pools, seals (not cats, so that we as a child called willow twigs with fluffy blossoming male flowers), freckles, diet (to fly to be in the form), forty (festival in honor of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste), Ash Wednesday, Shrove Sunday, (name of the festival of the vernal equinox) nauryz or Nowruz (the same holiday, but a Muslim, for us in the Astrakhan region is a very timely word spring ), larks (birds and cookies), slush, water, or water day

    Try to set the tone:

    Street tray.

    Winked at me highlight a lark.


    As is clear sky.

    How dark ash gray in your hair.


    Flags in the wind.

    Instead scarf under a coat - a silk scarf.

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