1. Signs of spring: dandelions are blossoming.

    The best way to deal with dandelions

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    One man was very proud of his beautiful green lawn. Once he saw that among the grass dandelions bloom.
    The man did not sow these dandelions and therefore took them as weeds. He immediately pulled out their hands. After a short time dandelions reappeared. They disguised themselves as ordinary grass. And people just not trying to get rid of them, dandelions continued to appear on the lawn and grow rapidly.
    All day long he was indignant and complained. Eventually he lost sleep and even ill. Finally, he wrote to the Department of Agriculture. He mentioned all the methods of weed control. A letter ended question: "I've tried all methods. Advise what to do? "
    Soon, he received the answer: "We invite you to love them."

    Source: World positive

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