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    Perepitii-2015 freeze-up in the river Moscow ...

    November 29 we celebrated the complete freezing of the Moscow River, which was in line with the general weather conditions. At this point, everything in our area was covered with snow.

    After that we did not have the opportunity to attend the riverbank, but considering that approximately December 1, the thaw began, we expected that the river will reveal barely formed from ice.

    Indeed, where a two weeks later in the same place it was possible to observe such a picture.

    This is a picture of 13 December. More snow, but ice is not there ...

    Last year, on November 29 the river was also under the ice, but the ice was very thin, and in the beginning of December, we noted already confident enough ice. But then the data is not present, so we can not say with certainty that in December, the ice did not go ...

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