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    No hands, no ax built Mostishche. The third year of observation.

    Waters near the town of Klimovsk, where he lives our friend the naturalist Paul Antoshkin covered with ice. Last year, for the first time this dammed river froze Petrica October 21, but then the ice melted and then lay around November 24th. This year, freeze-up was completed by 28 November, and ice were first fishermen. We can assume that this is the average time for the reservoir.

    And like last year, the Moscow River in our Krylatskoye comes with Petritsi near Moscow head to head!

    November 29 the whole river constrained for quite a thick layer of ice on the shore its thickness is 2-3 cm.

    And most interesting is that last year, on November 29 the Moscow River, too, lay the ice, and before that we have noted rising river on November 19 and then came down the ice.

    We remind you that meteorologists believe that the Moscow river should freeze to the 18th of November. This year we have, unfortunately, there is no data on the behavior of the river until 29 November.

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