1. Приметы весны: строим гнёзда!

    Project opportunities

    Starting loop nest Grey crows in our country this year we have already missed: for example, in Moscow Ravens'm not the first week of hauling twigs.

    So, quit the project? I think, on the contrary! Ravens will be watching constantly, and learned a lot.

    First, find out how in our area is stretched during the early nest building in Grey raven wear something they wear sprigs. And have you seen the one of the project participants as they adjusts these branches on the tree? This year I only saw for the first time today. But this - is not the fact the start of construction: Crow could not anywhere priladit twig and flew with it to another tree (with the same result).

    Secondly, we can learn something about the distribution of work between the partners in the construction of the nest even if it is not clear who - she (♀), and who - he (♂), anyway, we'll see who brings the material but who puts ...

    Thirdly, we can clearly (measuring steps distance between each pair coming together crow's nest) to present the spatial structure of the crow population in our area.

    Fourth, understand how to set this structure: Raven as adjacent pairs interact with each other in the division area.

    Fifth, we can learn something about the participation in the life of Raven nezagnezdivshihsya breeding pairs and only crow population.

    Seventh, ninth, hundredths ... watching for a long time representatives of some animal species, we find an infinite number of facts and notice patterns in their behavior and life in general. For example, how relations Grey crows with other members of the family Corvidae (rooks, jackdaws, magpies, crows ...) and other animals: birds, dogs, people ... By the way, the relationship between crows and humans - quite independent and promising topic for project!

    Please send us your interesting posts!

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