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    Acid rain

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    Hello, dear colleagues.

    When employees "GlobalLab" offered me to come up with a project dedicated to acid rain, I first alert. Too popular now become a research about the environmental focus. Only lazy did not write about global warming or ozone holes. Acid precipitation in this sense is also a fertile topic. Many people know the story of how in 1989, Eric Lechner, Lars Norpchener and Matthew Kaufman notified about dihydrogen monoxide - Extremely Hazardous Substances - through photocopies of leaflets. Wrote about it, in particular, that this substance is a major component of acid rain. And terrible to say, before 2007, people continued to believe this hoax. After all, any minimally competent chemist understands that dihydrogen monoxide - it's just water.

    In this collaborative study we will try to establish how often do we fall to acid precipitation. And if so, what they are afraid of.

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