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    Gabdulla Tukaj born in April 1886 died in April 1913.

    People's poet Gabdulla Tukaj takes in the history of the Tatar people in the history of his culture exceptional place. Biography Tukaya - one of the most amazing and dramatic in the history of world literature. He died very young, when he was only 27 years old.

    Native place of the poet - of ordering. Gabdulla Tukaj born in the village Kushlauch Kazan district of Kazan province (now the Republic of Tatarstan Arsky district) in the family of the parish mullahs. When he was five months old, his father died. Mother left the boy's poor old woman on education and married. Then moved on to another village. True after a while she took the baby to her, but soon died. He was only 4 years old when he became an orphan. Thus began the bitter life Gabdulla "the people."

    In the world, perhaps, there was no poet, who since childhood had a chance to be called the "mother" of seven, and possibly eight foreign women. That same fate befell Tukaya.

    Please sheltered boy's maternal grandfather Zinnatulla. The family was large. In the half-starved family Gabdulla appeared simply superfluous rtom.On was here not only treated kindly, but still hungry. Grandfather was forced to beg the neighboring villages, carry home stale pieces, saving a bunch of children from starvation. Gabdulla fate drove out of the house. Put it to the driver in one sled and sent to unknown path. And in Kazan, on Haymarket bazaar that the driver went into the crowd and shouted: "I give the boy up for adoption! Bury, who should be! "

    In Kazan Haymarket bazaar Gabdulla took on education Muhammedvali craftsman. In his family for the first time the boy smiled happiness. But soon came the problem: new parents get sick and so they decided to return to the village orphan taught to his grandfather. "You can imagine how my return to the perceived family grandfather, where they were sure they got rid of me forever" - Tukaj recalled in his memoirs. Hence, putting a lot of effort, got rid of orphans in the village peasant Kyrlai Sagdi.

    "Departure of Tukaya taught in Kyrlai." Artist Fedorov. 1975

    In 1892-1895 years the life of his passes in the family Sagdi where there was no need for a piece of bread .. Life in Kyrlai gave him an abundance of experiences that later generously fueled his creativity. Say, to understand the poet should visit his homeland. However, for a hundred years local nature has undergone many changes. Been laid asphalt roads appeared Palace of Culture, Museum. But in times Tukaya near Kyrlya primeval forests were still. And the little Gabdulla went with the boys at night. Around to the skies loomed majestically slender spruce and, no doubt, from somewhere in the thicket quietly watched the boys Shurale - all this forever sunk into empathetic soul Gabdulla.

    Zakazanyh, especially Kyrlai - a fertile ground where small Gabdulla born great fatness. Preserved forever in his grateful memory Sagdi abzy-white apron, gloves and a round of canvas Tatar hat - as an example of hard work, diligence and gentleness in manner. A neighborhood Kyrlya with their dense forests, ponds, springs, and the village itself, with its songs and merrymaking, customs and way of life gave him such an abundance of spiritual food, which is therefore enough for the entire creative life.

    Arcana love and honor his great countryman, in memory of him and created a memorial complex in the village Kyrlai where Tukaj spent his childhood.

    This article was prepared from the team Nermin "Ants", Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan

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