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    Haiku contest

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    That's the long-awaited summer, and to the rest, interesting trips, long walks - hand. The soul of this singing even want to talk about poetry ... Why really did not devote a few lines of vacation? :)

    Global Lab announces haiku contest on the theme of summer and summer vacations. You can write about everything: their emotions, the places where you are going, about the expectations from the rest, and the like, and win the monthly subscription rate of "Solo"!

    The rules are simple:

    1. Carefully read the study protocol in the project "Haiku International" to a good understanding of the structure of the haiku, and not to be mistaken with the format of their own work.

    2. Make your own haiku glorifying summer and summer vacation.

    3. Fill in the application form of the project , make sure your writing haiku in the "Create a haiku."

    The contest will run from 1 to 15 June. Do not forget to vote for your favorite hockey - because the three parties, who wrote the best products, we will give a monthly subscription for the tariff "Individual".

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