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    Interesting legends and stories about the New Year

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    Legends of the New Year

    There are many legends about the Christmas tree associated with the spirit or the place where the spirit lives, and - with the legends of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Zla.Geroem most popular legends became the leader of the German Reformation, Martin Luther. One Christmas Eve he was walking home through the woods. The night was clear and starry. When he came home, he set up a Christmas tree for your family and a lot of candles stuck to its thick branches. Lights on it looked like stars in the sky.

    There is a legend about why we decorate the Christmas tree tinsel shiny silver:
    Once upon a time there lived a good poor woman, who had many children. Night before Christmas she had dressed Christmas tree, but it had very little jewelry. Night on the tree visited spiders and crawling from branch to branch, left on its branches web. As a reward for kindness female infant Christ blessed the tree, and the web has become a shining silver.

    There is a theory that first invented Santa Claus Huns: they had a god Yerli, which is the first day of the year came to earth. This day was supposed to put a Christmas tree in their homes, as the Huns fir tree was considered sacred. It turns out, therefore, that this tradition has 5000 years. Huns and brought it to Europe. Then they were crushed and were only in Bavaria, where he lived until the XVI century, no one mixing. It was a Bavarian Christmas tree "come" to all European countries.

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