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    What do you do when you say hello?

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    We always talk about the words of welcome. But greeting - is complex, it includes not only words but action!

    There are three stages of welcome:

    1) you notice the other person;

    2) you are going to meet him;

    3) you greet him.

    If you walk down the street and meet a friend or acquaintance, the more likely you will show him that noticed it or try to draw attention to themselves: nod his head, waves its hand, shout something like, "Hey, Bob," "Oh! Marya! "Or another interjection with treatment. But some Indian tribes adopted at the sight of a stranger to squat until the stranger shall not come and will not notice.

    Suppose you knew Bob and drew attention to you, said word or gesture. Now you go to each other. If you are close friends, then you are likely to go together quickly, maybe even running. And if it is not your friend, and the person with whom you have a large enough distance (age, social status, there is no familiarity), then chances are you will not go too fast and looked around (because in fact it is impossible to stare and stare at person, it is considered indecent).

    So you were close. You said hello (of your profiles, we know how you do it) and probably exchanged gestures - embraced, kissed each other, pat on the shoulder, shook hands ... There are many special greetings with gestures that are used in certain groups of people, especially youth (eg "high-five", "fireworks", "Hallow!" etc.)

    Tell me, what gestures you use when greeting peers?

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