1. Приметы весны: лесные барабаны

    In Moscow quite spring.

    Spring this year too early for my taste. On average, in Moscow alder put blooming from April 16, and this year has already started dusting March 14. On the high banks of the Moscow River dusty alder tree preparing to start dusting hazel among birches with noticeably discolored earrings among thickets of cherry, which is already bursting buds, cheerful shot heard great spotted woodpecker. The first time we heard a woodpecker more February 15, so that crushes our acquaintance for a month. Given that we arrive at almost the same place, because it is important to observe the phenology of the same objects in the same place year after year, most likely it is the same bird, staked his future nesting territory. Also write that woodpeckers have formed a couple stop drumming, and females rarely bang and quieter males, then we are dealing with a woodpecker, a bachelor.

    Here is a place we Dyatlova blooming alder on the banks of the Moscow River in the west of Moscow.

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