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    Good day, my friends!

    Let's get acquainted: my name is Elena Chernova, I am a member of the Union of the Russian Bird Conservation ornithologist. This project I want to show you how diverse and interesting world of our birds, how many different species live around us. I hope that you like this idea.

    However, in the view of the first questionnaires submitted to the contest, I realized that many people do when filling out the same errors as well as conscious violations. About them we now discuss.

    1. Somehow many stick to their own profiles are not pictures downloaded from the Internet. Absolutely can not do this - this profile will be immediately locked. Even if we assume that we do not observe cheating - think for yourself: you watched a particular bird in a particular place, and find out how well you know her, she can only pictures or recording of her voice. So do not even very sharp, not very professional, but your own picture is much more valuable than the highest quality picture, downloaded from the Internet. And if suddenly you meet someone kind, rare or accidentally flown into your place - that this photo will have more and scientific value. So let's not dissemble.

    2. Some even "forget" to insert a profile picture or voice recording. This questionnaire will not be considered - for the reasons given above.

    2. Difficulties are caused and the proposal to insert a photo of the bird with unusual plumage. It seems that many people do not understand what it is. Will probably have to explain.

    Bird with unusual plumage - this is not an exotic parrot, and even some bright bird that seemed unusual to you personally, because you've never seen this (or ignored). Bird with unusual plumage - this bird is quite ordinary in the area of ​​the form, but having abnormal features in the color or appearance of other features. It can be white feathers where they have to be colored, or, conversely, overly dark plumage. Often, some birds have unusually long or deformed beak. And so on. In some species, such anomalies are quite common: for example, among the well-known Rock Doves are often caught birds in white spots, white or brown wings. This is the bird with unusual plumage.

    Remember that this question is optional, and if you have the seen in the guise of a bird is not unusual, just leave it blank. If you saw it unusual bird, do not need to put up another photo another, normally colored birds. Remember that every bird is a separate form filled.

    3. Not everyone understands what a young bird, summer (marriage) and winter outfits, what to write, if you do not know, male or female you met. Here, too, it's simple. Many birds, young birds, chicks yesterday, are painted sharply different from the color of adult birds. Moreover, in some species (for example, a number of gulls) full maturation process takes several years, and all this time the bird sports a "youth" outfit, showing that it is still too early to nest itself. If you see a bird just as such, make the appropriate notation in the questionnaire. If the bird is "dressed" in an adult, the adult bird is ready to breed, and called her boyfriend will have failed.

    4. Summer and winter outfits, like outfits males and females also differ not in all species. Where you can clearly distinguish males from females (say, a house sparrow or finch), you should write, male or female you met. By the way, during the breeding season you can tell them more and the song - most songbirds sing only males and females with short Pozyvka limited. For example, if you heard a nightingale singing - it's just a male. But where to distinguish males from females is problematic (eg, chickadees or sparrow), and write: "male and female of this species do not differ." The same applies to summer and winter attire birds. Find out what birds are outfits and that means you can in any determinant of birds.

    5. Finally, it is necessary to say a few words to those children who are sent to the contest obviously meaningless questionnaire by inserting them complete strangers pictures and stuff. You probably think it's funny. But it's not funny, but rather sad. It's sad that you build yourself from idiots and spend on the send these silly profiles a lot of time that could be spent on much more interesting things. For example, in bird watching.

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