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    Tradition - a set of representations, practices, habits, and skills that are passed down from generation to generation. Traditions can play an important role in the relationship of people. Happened this word from the Latin verb meaning "to transfer" so that once so-called real transfer of some object or even marriage daughter (her "passed" in someone else's house). Transmitted "subject" may be intangible and ... So it turns out that the tradition - is the transfer of something that is not your personal experience and not a figment of your own creativity, and received from the outside, by inheritance. Then it turns out that when you decide that for the next year on September 1 will bring to class a cake with candles, it still will not be a tradition. But when you go back to your teacher, finishing college and see the cake on a table with candles, then it will be clear that you have created a tradition. Discuss?
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