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    Lilac: Astrakhan, Arcadak, Moscow

    Dear friends!

    Compare the Moscow lilac for two years was very difficult. Suffice it to say that last year my lilac grew in 20 days , and in 2017 it took all 30 days . Both years the end of growth of leaves has come at the time of flowering. In the past year, flowering has just begun, and in this - is nearing the end. In this case, the leaves that this year seem to me small, have an average area of ​​33.34 square centimeters, and last year, it turns out, my lilac only up to 16.96 square centimeters has grown. This result is closer to the result of Daniil Pronchenkov , which surprised me so much , in which the average area of ​​lilac leaves this year is 12.3 square centimeters.

    In warm Astrakhan, the lilac grew large , the average leaf area - 38.85 cm. And it reached this size in 24 days, in Arcadak the development went faster - 18 days.

    Look at what an interesting lilac development chart we get. From left to right Astrakhan, Arcadak, Moscow (results of two years). The spread is quite large. Between Astrakhan and Arcadak 6 days. If to compare with my last spring, then Arkadak passed us 2 days, and Astrakhan, surprisingly, fell behind for 4 days. But last spring we had a warm and friendly.

    Now if you look at the average speed, which means how many square centimeters the sheet added in one day. In Arkadak this is 0.33, in Astrakhan - 1.47, and in Moscow - 1.04. I would say that the results in Moscow and Astrakhan are quite comparable. But the lilac in the Arcadak grew slowly.

    What do you think?

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