1. О Прекрасной Даме

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    Embodiment of the concept "separation" in the poetics M. Lermontov and MI Tsvetaeva (Portrait - Letter) (Ph.D. scholar. Sciences VS Adam)

    When comparing the two artistic systems (poetic universes) and Lermontov MI Tsvetaeva found common perception of the world in a careful study of the underlying building blocks. Among them, we pay attention to this turn of lyrical story that binds characterological, epistemological and axiological aspects of their work. A construct that combines two art kontceptosfery - the concept of "separation", which provides a dialogue eras, cultural continuity in the art.

    Concept - versatile compositional symmetry principle, the principle structure of the world. Operation concept of "separation" is harmonized in symmetric constructions.

    In our work we rely on the works of JM Lotman, EG Etkind, DS Likhachev, YM Stepanov, SA Askold, VV Kolesov, EI Revzin B. Zusman, etc. We consider the concept of "separation" in the poems of M. Lermontov "We parted ..." and MI Tsvetaeva "Gypsy Passion of separation."

    At MU Lermontov: a) there is only parting concentration senses and sees a sign of the real world; b) separation, the gap - the result of the finiteness of Love, which is always deception, misunderstanding, betrayal; c) metasmysl concept of "separation" - fate, destiny; d) a world Lermontov tragic hero alone, the ideal does not coincide with reality.

    Tsvetaeva: a) the concept of "separation" deliberately, as the object is interpreted by the author and experienced for the second time; b) metasmysl concept of "separation" - the end of life; c) separation, separation act eternal associates of Love; d) a world Tsvetaeva concentrated in a particular sense. Alienation occurs heroine Tsvetaeva from the world by virtue of unequal feeling of Love. Art world poet extremely subjective.

    The concept of "separation" is included in the artistic space, time, and in a symbolic notation (characterological system) identity of the hero at MU Lermontov (I, WE, OH, PORTRAIT) and MI Tsvetaeva (I, WE, he suggests, LETTER).

    Integrity of the image is born as a result of the symmetrical operation concept of "separation", correlated with all other concepts that are as symmetrical at MU Lermontov and MI Tsvetaeva.

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