1. Необычные места гнездования птиц

    How to remove them

    Very good for shooting birds need very expensive photographic equipment, which most of us do not. How do sports ornithologists manage successfully compete, which we arrange a lot? After all, in terms of competition, it is necessary to introduce the jury photos of birds seen, so much so that they can be reliably determined ... This is usually enough and simple machines. And some participants with inferior cameras receive special prizes for the best photo - interesting photo (!).

    Steep camera needed for very good shots. For example, to participate in the prestigious exhibitions. Or science. Or publications. We certainly grow before.

    Overview - interest and excitement. In this hopeless case with you - too! But we - easier: we do not need to photograph the nest itself. Moreover, in many cases, this can not be done! There are birds that not only throw the clutch (eggs), but already hatched chicks if we looked into the slot. I watched these events.

    Also, when we find the nest is open (not hollow) nesting birds, we automatically hand over the nest nearest Crow. Ravens always quietly sitting somewhere nearby and control territory. Finding and inspecting nest some Slava, Nightingale or Linnet, we report that the nearest Raven: "Bon appetit!". And then Crow nothing to blame: it acts according to the Law, right, right! But is it good (on our part)?

    Now - a constructive part of the article: how, then, did take the unusual nesting sites?

    Let interest, excitement and (not yet atrophied) LOVE to wildlife will tell you from what distance to shoot (on a bar of soap, a matchbox, phone or steep millionodollarovuyu camera). As reported in the instructions to the project, it is necessary to shoot-not nest (as such), and the very unusual place, where the socket is located. Like, everything is clear.

    But. Whenever possible, it is necessary to waylay adult bird, penetrating into the socket and remove with her! It would be cool. Or with a bird flying out (crawls, creeps) from the slot. Then do not need to specifically photograph adult bird for the questionnaire (or steal her photo from the Internet, for which mandatory profile is blocked!).

    Just a little more constructive. Photograph as much as possible, do not stint on the camera's memory! Shoot queues! Cartridges do not have to take care of!

    In general, everything said here, drawn to the people concerned and gambling. By his - in the board, not planted. Good luck!

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