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    Field identification of birds: Where to Start

    If you encountered an unfamiliar bird, the most important thing - it's like you can see it better, remember, or if you are photographing it, make as many shots. Also, pay attention to how a bird behaves, which is whether there is a number of other birds of the same species. All this will help to further define.

    And only after we remembered maximum possible signs (and the bird went about their business), you can begin to define.

    1. Begin with a general of the contour and size of the bird. Of whom you already know it is more like birds? Sparrow, crow, dove, duck, goose, seagull, a woodpecker? Usually even the most inexperienced observer can outline the systematic group that owns the bird - and know exactly where to look for it in the determinant. Or - if you find something quite unusual - to understand where it did not look.

    2. Almost every determinant birds certainly have shemka-figure, which are the names of the main parts of the body and tail of birds. It's a must to remember. Head, back, chest, belly, wings, tail, undertail, feet, beak, the upper part of which is called the mandible, and the lower - mandible. Extreme, the largest wing feathers called Makhovaia and the inner side of the wing - underside. Back and wings on top sometimes collectively referred to as "gown." In some species on the wing are small areas of different feathers, usually in a contrasting color, so-called mirrors and other "wear" on the head cap, straps across the eyes, and other patterns.

    Now, remembering the appearance of your bird (or making out again on the pictures), you have to relate it to this figure. The color of her head? Is there a cap? What color and size of the beak? Legs? And once you remember all the details and "have bound" to the relevant parts of the bird, you will not be difficult to find it in the key. Additional signs may be the behavior of: landing on the water, or a branch, the type of flight: waving, fluttering, gliding, hang-up on the spot with or without them.

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