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    Red Book Rossii.Zhivotnye.

    Red Book of Russia. Animals.

    Amphibians - Amphibia
    Annelid worms - Annelida
    Mammals - Mammalia
    Shellfish - Mollusca
    Insects - Insecta
    Reptiles - Reptilia
    Birds - Aves
    Crustaceans - Crustacea
    And fish Cyclostomes
    As a result of various reasons, some animal species under threat of extinction. These reasons include biotic factors (caused by the animals, for example, the method of reproduction of living organisms, the interaction of predators and prey), abiotic factors (eg, climatic conditions). In a separate group attributed the causes associated with human activity (anthropogenic factors).

    Understanding the importance of preservation of rare and endangered species, the World Conservation Union in 1949 established the Commission on rare species. And in 1963 the first edition of the Red vyschla book. Red Book of Animals is an annotated list of endangered animals. Animals listed in the Red book, divided into the following groups: mammals (rodents, carnivores, pinnipeds, cetaceans, odd-toed ungulates, ungulates, insectivores, bats), reptiles, birds, amphibians, crustaceans, fish, mollusks, insects, worms, bryozoans. Among the most famous animals listed in the Red Book of Russia, can be called the Amur tiger, polar bear, steppe eagle. The task of the Red Book is the timely detection and keeping endangered organisms to maintain that special measures are needed protection.

    Red Book of Russia. Animals.

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