1. Приметы весны: поёт большая синица

    Spring in Moscow. Chronicle in 2015.

    For the second year in this blog I collect researcher observing the onset of spring in Moscow. Many residents of cities spring signs, which are assembled in our phenological course, difficult to watch, but friendly and cheerful Shinichi song is one of the earliest and true sign of spring. And so it happened that the collection of spring events in Moscow and a comparison with other cities in the spring - this is the second task of my diary of the researcher.

    Today, February 25, in Moscow, sunny day. In the morning, a small negative temperature -2 ° C, but the day is forecast to be + 2 ° C. It reminds us that the climate spring begins with a steady transition of average daily temperature of 0 ° C. At a sufficiently large area of ​​our country is climatically March winter months. However, the wildlife has its reasons, so tits confidently meet the spring. And botanists consider spring the date when the sap flow begins in Maple platanoides or platanovidnogo. Professional scientists make a special puncture in the bark of a tree to capture the event, and then gently obscure the wound to prevent damage to the plant. We are not able to do that because we have enough experience and we can harm the trees. However, sometimes it happens to notice the beginning of sap flow indirectly. For example, if you see a tree recently broken branch (most importantly, never break branches on purpose!), The Stay tuned to this tree on sunny days. Since the beginning of sap flow pressure of water with dissolved in it nutrients that enliven the tree and removes it from the rest of the winter, so strong that you will definitely see how the juice flows from breaking branches. And at night cooling at the end of a branch namёrznet icicle ...

    Some birds, such as woodpeckers, especially leaky tree trunks to drink delicious sweet juice. You may be lucky to observe it in nature.

    In this image, blue tit, which is drinking juice from rasklёvannogo woodpecker maple trunk. See how powerful sap flow. The trunk is wet ... Picture taken March 10, 2013.

    But in fact my story about the current Spring 2015 ...

    From the windows of the office GlobalLab in Moscow February 25, 2015 offers the following form.

    But spring road end of February. In the north of Moscow, February 24, 2015

    To the west of Moscow February 22, 2015 A typical start spring thaw ...

    And in the same area February 21, 2015

    And as spring begins to you?

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