1. Приметы весны: поёт большая синица

    Spring in Moscow. Verifies on big tits.

    February 16 in Moscow was freezing but sunny and Shinichi managed to hear a song, and today - February 17 - is as sunny and cold day I was able to note singing tits even in two districts of Moscow. Near the house on the way to work, and right next to the office GlobalLab when an hour later I drove to work. Since the photos either yesterday or today could not do that, it will show the map to zoom.

    Left - in the west of Moscow - my house, right - almost in the center, but in the north - office GlobalLab.

    But I managed to take a picture instead of tit other heralds of spring - wandering around Moscow snowbird.

    This is a great poplar in blue February sky, on the highest branches of a little bird can be seen on the right. So snowbird rest after raids on mountain ash and eating of its fruit.

    This thrushes, photographed with the maximum approximation, which gives my camera.

    We continue to watch the approach of spring!

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