1. Наши руки не для скуки


    So, the work becomes more and more and it's great! Today we will once again remember that knitting is, it's kind of needlework does not age.

    Knitting - a type of decorative and applied arts. Knitting - a method of manufacturing with a hook or knitting needles of various products. Knitted shawl, potholders kitchen, crocheted handbags, heating pads for tea and many other possibilities to tie their own hands.

    Is it possible to set a date when needlewoman picked up the knitting tools? It does not matter. One thing is certain: someone once started knitting and through this endeavor these days Crafts Knitting most popular in the world. Due to the presence of a few skeins of yarn and some simple tools knitting needle women is subject to complex patterns. Eyelet, made a hook or knitting needles, arranged in rows of slender or fishnet corresponding plan of knitters.

    From under the hooks and knitting needles out various items of clothing - sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats, skirts, tunics; napkins, lace tablecloths, pot holders - home furnishings; bags, cosmetic bags and other accessories.

    Thanks knitting woman makes her unique outfit, decorate your home and enjoy the process of knitting and satisfaction from the result.

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