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    Live fish warm in winter: roof - thick glass.

    On the Moscow River just now, just started freezing. And it covers the river slowly. Why in one place already frozen, and the other - not at all we do not understand ...

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    November 13 - a first thin crust of ice on our usual place.

    At the same place - November 21 ...

    And at the same place the next day, November 22. We believe that is about to rise and the river, much earlier than average.

    But now, on November 24 instead all the ice cracked and fell apart.

    And on November 27 the same Moscow River, approximately in the same area, but downstream did not have any ice, even a hint. And the days were freezing ...

    November 28 in the same place started to form a thin crust of ice.

    Finally on November 29 favorite places. Ice is, large ice floes stitched thin ledochkom. On the other side of Silverpine hear a loud radio warnings that come out on the ice at the time of the freeze-up is strictly prohibited.

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