1. Городские легенды

    Legends of Soviet Cinema in the Great Patriotic War

    Anatoly Papanov

    As Yuri Nikulin Anatoly Papanov served in the artillery. That's just got it in the army at the take-off of his acting career - he was called up for the first day of the war and was sent to keep fighting for Harkov.Tam Papanov witnessed the German offensive and the retreat of the Red Army, accompanied by a terrible loss, "Do forget how after two. half hours of battle of the forty-two men remained thirteen? "- he later recalled.

    In 1942 Papanov was seriously wounded in the leg and in 20 years became disabled group 3 - he cut off part of the heel, and had to amputate two fingers. However, this injury is not subsequently prevented him learn to walk without a stick, finish GITIS and earn as an actor national recognition.

    Innocent Smoktunovskij.

    Smoktunovskij was drafted into the army in January 1943, but in August, without going to the end of officer training, he was sent to the front rank and file. He participated in the battles at Kursk, in the crossing of the Dnieper, in the operation for the liberation of Kiev. He was awarded the medal "For Courage" after being under fire reports delivered to the headquarters of his 75th Division. It so happened that premium sheets were lost, and this medal Smoktunovskij got into the hands of only 49 years later.

    In December 1943, Smoktunovskij was captured and spent a month in the German camps in Zhitomir. From there he managed to escape, and for a while he was hiding in a Ukrainian family, risked his life for the sake of an exhausted soldier. With this family, he maintained a relationship for life. After that, he returned to the front Smoktunovskij already as a partisan, as his squad is not reunited with the Soviet army. In the rank of junior sergeant he participated in the liberation of Warsaw. His branch of one of the first to break through to the enemy trenches and destroyed about 20 Nazis. During this Smoktunovskij was awarded another medal "For Courage" and this time she had come to him svoevremenno.obessilevshego soldier. With this family, he maintained a relationship for life.

    He finished the war Smoktunovskij in Germany and in October 1945 he returned from the army. As a former prisoner of war, it was not easy - the authorities banned the actor live in 39 major cities of the USSR. He has made ​​great strides on the path of an actor he was after Stalin's death.

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