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    Rumyantsev Sofia "Morality in Russian folk wisdom and allegorical"

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    Student book 7 "B" class Rumjantsevoj Sofia, published in Germany, helped the young talent to become officially registered and the youngest member of the All-Russia competition of journalists' ProObrazovanie 2012 ". That's what talents creates Mother Russia! However, in our small article we refer to this book, not because of the uniqueness of the author. This book is very interesting and reveals the peculiarities of the Russian education, explaining the influence of these features is fairy tales! See how Sophia writes in his book: "Russian folk tales read to children with parents and caregivers of birth, developing pozivnost thinking, attitude and imagery representing (prorarabyvaya) examples of competent and active everyday behavior. Spirit tale lingers from childhood, is essentially , prototype and high moral standards, and antisocial behavior (hooliganism, lynching, the pursuit of wealth, life for others, parasitism, fraud), forming the vector of development of the whole nation (within the framework of self-awareness and being). " This is how we know what is good, loving, caring, how to act, how bad and should not do - not only for parents but also because of our favorite fairy tales!

    In other words, read stories, dear members! Even if you are adults, even if already retired ... tale will always help you choose the right path!

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