1. Приметы весны: лесные барабаны

    Do woodpeckers continues stormy spring life

    Since then, as we have heard in the winter forest drums, woodpeckers continue to crush all forest park areas of our region, and we live in the west of Moscow. Woodpeckers crushed on the banks of the Moscow River, where they did not interfere with people with bicycles, wheelchairs, dogs. Woodpeckers crushed in small groves dedicated surrounded velodorogoy since the time of the Moscow Olympics-80, and at the Olympic velodoroge all the same people, strollers, kids, bikes, dogs ... And yet birds in this grove lot.

    The hero of our story great spotted woodpecker that came and sat on the tree directly above us, and while we listened to a fraction of a woodpecker somewhere in the side, deep groves, this sitting over us, long and boring plaintively shouting their "Ki! Ki! Ki!" This ki-ki-ki us throughout the grove seen off.

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