1. Солнце над горизонтом

    We are discussing the results of the December draft.

    Dear colleagues!

    In this most complex of all of our projects snapshots of the winter solstice questionnaires sent 10 teams. As usual, not all participants managed to adequately carry out this complex research. Questionnaire participants from Moscow even had to lock as cloudy weather did not allow to carry out surveillance and fill out the form with zeros in this case is unacceptable because it contradicts the procedure of the project. As in September, we compare our results with the data of the site http://planetcalc.ru/320/

    Participants from the village Ostrovskaya Volgograd Region for the second time participating in this project, their data again, quite precise and accurate. On the day of the autumnal equinox the sun was at 41,63 ° above the horizon, and in the winter, it has risen by only 15,73 °.

    Data from Moscow and the Soviet are not adequate. But the party in the village Beloyarskii ovalyakina east of Yekaterinburg was quite accurate. The questionnaire contains the height of the sun 9,73 °, and an online calculator shows 8,87 °. Very inaccurate participants from Astrakhan.

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