1. Городские легенды

    Legnda figuratively

    Written tradition about any historical events or personalities. Hence, a legendary figure. In a figurative sense, refers to the covered with glory, causing admiration past events displayed in the fairy tales, short stories, etc. As a rule, contains an additional religious or social pathos.

    Legend - an approximate synonym for myth; the epic story of what happened in ancient times; the main characters of the story - usually characters in the full sense, often directly involved in the events of the gods and other supernatural forces. Events in the legend are often exaggerated, added a lot of fiction. Therefore, scientists do not consider legends fully reliable historical evidence, without denying, however, that most of the legends are based on real events.

    Legends are divided into religious and social.

    Legends usually oral stories were often set to music; legends passed from mouth to mouth, usually wandering storytellers. Later, many legends have been recorded.

    Because when composed legends about someone, it meant public recognition of his actions, the word acquired an additional meaning: so called events and figures (eg, "The Legend of Rock"), received recognition and honor.

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