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    Rosehip - a plant of the legends

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    Among the Russian people about the wild rose were a lot of legends and superstitions. According to one of them, expelled from heaven, Satan decided to climb back rosehip bushes as the stairs. But miraculously at this point branches bristling with thorns, without giving exile carry out his plan. Since then clings Briar their spikes for everyone who gets too close.

    Another legend tells of the tragic love of Kuban Cossacks and Cossack. In a beautiful young woman but her lover, in love with himself chieftain. Not having received the consent of the girl, he stole it from his parents' house, and the groom sent for military service. Cossack long languished in captivity, longing for the beloved. But before the wedding, she managed to escape. In the nearby forest remembered runaway lover, she could not stand longing heart and committed suicide. And in place of her death spreading shrub rose with delicate pink flowers. Passing by Ataman decided to break one of the flowering branches, but suddenly they were covered with sharp spines. In autumn, on a bush appeared red fruit, reminiscent of a drop of blood.

    June 6, these and other frightening tales told grandmother to her grandchildren. Sat down with the bushes hips. Believed that the bush will protect children from night terrors. Take notice that the fragrance and beauty of blossoming hips permanently withdrawn from toddlers diseases that befall fright: stir.

    Grandmother and mother were trying to protect kids from nightmares. Nikita Stylites they went into the woods and collected wild rose petals, dried them and sewed them in baby clothes as a talisman. Sometimes these petals made with his own hands stuffed a rag doll-herbalist. Believed that saved so the petals, like the blooming wild roses, will banish the dark forces of the child during the year.
    According to legends, the children acted up and did not listen to under the influence of the evil eye, or even evil forces. Blooming wild rose and pads of his dried petals helped soothe aching or disobedient child for no reason.

    Adults Nikita Stylites briar came to vent their grief and sorrow. Take notice that the fragrance of flowers wild rose soothes the soul, brings order in my thoughts. Bad thoughts went out of my head, and with it came the problem that seemed unsolvable.
    Aroma of blossoming hips villagers inhaled when ailing. While bowing bush, asking him to health.
    Oil of wild rose petals collected at Nikita, lubricated wounds applied to abscesses, dried and ground into powder petals expelled from aching bones. Honey, cooked on the petals, purified blood.

    Water with rose hips girl washed beauty. Some had enough Nikita Stylites day early in the morning just to touch her cheek to a delicate flower, covered with dew, and then, as asserted by many skin became as smooth, clean and bright.

    People believed that a day under Nikita Stylites become blossoming briar turns pink and spring water, while acquiring a special cleansing power.

    In some localities Briar was also considered a symbol of male power. Therefore, both men tried to June 6 at least a few minutes to sit in the shade of a bush of wild roses.
    But linger too long near the hips is not advised. It was believed that under a bush can live spirits, leading man to the light. According to legends, the wild rose grows on the border of two worlds under his local healers usually poured water used in the treatment of patients.
    People believed that the healing power of flowers hips remain in the month of June.
    In the villages, it was believed that landed near the house briar protects agriculture from the machinations of evil spirits, gives the owner of well-being. And on the day Nikita Stylites hostess exhibited by wild rose bowl, saying, "a bit of land Izbyvala state of dishes, stuffiness." It was a kind of cleansing ritual.

    Based on site "Secrets of the XX century"

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