1. What’s for Lunch?

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    What’s for Lunch?

    No matter if they live on a farm or in the middle of a city, every day millions of students take a break during their school day from feeding their minds to nourish their bodies. Join classes around the globe as they reveal what’s in their lunch bag.

    In this collaborative global project, students will share the contents of their lunch, look for similarities and differences of their lunch to their global peers, and examine the distribution of the main food groups to create a well balanced meal.

    Download the printable What's for Lunch project guide.

    Build Background Knowledge

    Use the strategies and resources below to prepare for your discussions and data collection.

    • Engage students in the concept of food groups, by displaying Discovery Education images of a variety of foods around the room, using the Spotlight on Strategy Visual Walkabout (Canadian Subscribers) to allow students to make connections and ask questions.
    • Introduce the MyPlate dietary guidelines produced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) by playing the segment 5 Food Groups (Canadian Subscribers) which highlights the five food groups and reveals how grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and dairy products contribute to growth and overall health. Have students demonstrate their understanding of a healthy plate by using the Spotlight on Strategy Journals (Canadian Subscribers)
    • Allow students to develop a broader understanding of food and nutrition by exploring the Content Collection Food (Canadian Subscribers). Have students share what they learned from the resources using the Spotlight on Strategy 25 Things You Didn’t Know (Canadian Subscribers).
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