1. Make Your Mark

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    Make Your Mark

    Individuals make their mark every day through the actions they take to help make the lives of others better and transform the world around them. In honor of International Dot Day, students design and create their own dot to demonstrate how they will make their mark on a local, national, or global level.

    In this collaborative global project, students select an area of service and identify a project that they can lead to impact their community. They will also identify positive role models that they admire and see who students around the world look up to.

    Download the printable Make Your Mark project guide.

    Build Background Knowledge

    Use the strategies and resources below to prepare for your discussions and data collection.

    • Watch the International Dot Day virtual field trip archive (Canadian Subscribers) to see Peter H. Reynolds read his classic book, The Dot, and meet the founder of International Dot Day, Terry Shay. Download additional supporting resources on the Dot Day Club site.
    • Read The Dot by Peter Reynolds. In this story, Vashti feels that she is unable to draw anything. With the help and guidance of her teacher, she learns all she needs is a starting point. Through small steps, Vashti is able to create art and make an impact at her school art show. Extend the theme by discussing with students that even though they may be young, they can complete small and large acts that can lead to great impacts in their community and the world.
    • Show students the video Helping the Homeless: Designing a Winter Coat (Canadian Subscribers). Then, have students write down as many details as they remember about Veronika and her effort to help the homeless. Next, have students create a concrete poem, also known as a shape poem, using the details they captured, as described in SOS: Make it Concrete (Canadian Subscribers). In honor of Dot Day, have students build their concrete poems using circles and dots to show how Veronika made her mark.
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