1. A Horse is Poetry in Motion

    When you hear the word ‘horse’ what image comes to your mind? Perhaps you see a muscled workhorse, a winged Pegasus, a fiery stallion, or a gentle pony. Let’s see how many different meanings and images of a horse we can find in poetry worldwide.

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    A Horse is Poetry in Motion

    Isn’t it incredible how an ordinary, domestic mammal, the horse, has become one of the world’s greatest poetic symbols? Perhaps it is not an ordinary but rather an extraordinary animal.

    In poetry a galloping horse is a metaphor for spirituality, the perpetual struggle between good and evil, and the passage of history itself.

    It is, perhaps, the multiple meanings and the important role that the horse has played in men’s lives that make it a symbol used throughout time and across cultures.

    In this project we shall collect various poetic texts where the concrete image of a horse is used to convey an abstract meaning. We will see how the metaphor of a horse is used in many ways by the authors to articulate their mythological, philosophical, and historical message to readers.

    This collection of poetic texts will enable us – in the midst of people’s changing attitudes toward animals- to study and draw conclusions about horses’ roles in human history.

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